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How to stay safe online

Find out how to avoid and to deal with risks
on the Internet

Security Basics

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Data backup

Ever heard of ransomware? Criminals will delete your photos and other documents.
A proper backup of your data will save you from a lot of problems.

Protects you from:
Data loss, loss of reputation, loss of money

Security technology is constantly evolving to keeping up with the hacker’s technology.
That’s why your computer and smartphone need to be up to date at all times to be equipped with the latest security defense.

Protects you from:
Malware infection, data loss

You have probably heard this a thousand times, but choosing strong passwords is very important.
They keep the criminals out of the reach of your data.

Protects you from:
Data loss, loss of reputation, identity theft

If something is too good to be true, it mostly is – especially on the Internet.
Being suspicious is appropriate with seductive offers of any kind (shoes, money, jobs, love…).

Protects you from:
Fraud, loss of money, loss of data, loss of reputation

You caught a computer virus or fell victim to some sort of fraud?
If you suspect that your computer or phone has been hacked, don’t hesitate to get help. Ask your IT department or use the SISA cleaner.
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Protects you from:
Data loss, malware infection